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Encouragement for Parents -

Written by Dan Istvanik

Their heads are down as they quickly move their fingers across the phone screen. It is a blur of taps and swipes with an occasional sound of dings, rings, and blings.  Their faces are all aglow but not like the little angels you used to tuck into bed. Your tween/teen has a cellphone, and they are TEXTING!
Non-stop around the clock, they walk, eat, drive, and yes, even go to the bathroom (EWW!).
What is the deal!?
What are parents supposed to do?
We text our adult friends and use this wonderful convenience to skip over the old fashioned phone call.
Honestly, who really uses their phone to call anyone anymore? Still, this is different somehow.
Your child is on their phone all the time and then... there are all those code words and symbols. It has gone way beyond the ‘LOL’ and ‘BTW.’

Suddenly you see vegetables, numbers and odd words that do not exist in a dictionary. I know how you feel because I have literally looked them up to no avail.  This is why we created the Parent’s Guide to Texting just for you!

● Texting is the number one way teens communicate. They use it more than face-to-face conversation and even more than social media apps.
o 35% of people 12-17 say texting is their favorite way to communicate with friends.
o Only 32% of people 12-17 prefer in-person conversations.
● Girls prefer texting more than boys.
o 20% of girls will choose to text a friend vs. 12% of boys.
● 8 out 10 tween/teens text daily.
● 97% of smartphone owners text regularly.
● Americans of all ages send 26 billion texts every single day.
● American teens send and receive an average of almost 70 texts per day.
● The average smartphone user goes through ½ of their gigabyte data each month just on texting.
● The average graduating senior will spend approximately 2 hours per day in a texting conversation.

● Bruh: Casual nickname for a friend
● Fam: Closest friends
● GOAT: Greatest Of All Time
● It’s lit: It is awesome cool
● Curve: To reject someone romantically
● Salty: To be bitter about something
● Sip Tea: Mind your own business
● Thirsty: Being desperate
● Scoop: To pick some up or give them a ride
● Geekin: Laughing hard
● Smash: Casual sex
● Sugarpic: Suggestive photo
● Zerg: To gang up on someone (bullying)
● Gucci: Very impressive
● KOTL: Kiss on the lips
● TBH: To be honest
● NIFOC: Naked in front of computer
● GNOC: Get naked on camera
● CU46: See you for sex
● 9: Parents watching
● AF: “As F***)Dear Parents,


You are the greatest influence in the life of your teenager. Research proves it time and again your voice is the loudest in their life. That is a great opportunity for you to make a forever impact in the life of your teenager.  It is also a great opportunity for me to partner with you and cheer you on in the process.

For that reason, Gearhead Student Ministries is launching an online parenting class soon.

You will receive encouragement and truth to you in the form of articles, videos, and messages regularly via email.

I chose to do this online instead of asking you to come to the church for meetings, because I respect the fact that you have a very busy schedule. Now through this online class you can receive encouragement in your pajamas if you want!

Please send me your email address and I will send an email with the content of our first class. Please feel free to share with me any thoughts about topics you would like me to cover or submit a prayer request.

It is my great honor to serve your family and to cheer you on as you lead your teenager spiritually!

I can’t wait to partner with you regularly!

God Bless,

Pastor Derrick



As you navigate these crazy years we want you to know three things:

There is HOPE. We're here to HELP. We desire HARMONY for your family.​

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